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All Of Us, Every Day

Sustainability requires a team effort. And at Avery Dennison, we're all in.

Transforming our company, supply chain and industry requires collaboration and innovation from our employees, suppliers, customers and partners. Working together, we’ve made progress toward our 2025 sustainability goals.


Avery Dennison Joins Ellen MacArthur CE 100 Signals Strengthened Commitment to Circular Economy?

This membership reflects our ongoing commitment to work with customers and suppliers throughout the supply chain to deliver solutions that can make a material difference in the world.

Our Business Showcase

Label and Packaging Materials

Graphics Solutions

Reflective Solutions

Digital Ink Solutions

Retail Branding and Information Solutions

Printer Solutions

Performance Tapes

Fastener Solutions

Vancive Medical Technologies

Performance Polymers

Our Values

Eight Values. One Team.

Our culture is the foundation of everything we do at Avery Dennison, and our company values are the basis of that culture. These core values shape our behavior and support our business and people as we continue to grow.

Video Highlights

Live on Lakeside: Avery Dennison's Inclusive Culture

WKYC Channel 3 Live on Lakeside's Alexa Lee visits our Northeast Ohio office to learn more about our inclusive culture. She is joined by our colleagues, Champayne Mitchell, Bill Podojil and Eric Bildstein.

Avery Dennison?showcases Vela? Dynamic System at InfoComm 2019

We partnered with NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. to showcase our Vela? Dynamic System at InfoComm 2019, the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America. Our colleague, Noam Assael, shares the latest on the technology.



Explore Avery Dennison

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Avery Dennison Announces Second Quarter 2019 Results

Digital Printing is Changing Traffic Signs

Avery Dennison Produces Newly Designed Badge for the Premier League Asia Trophy



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